Friday, June 13, 2008

365 Days Of Totally Mixing It Up

It was this day, approximately one year ago, when I first started to blog about the thing I love most... MIXING GREAT MUSIC. At 85,000+ visits, what more can I ask for. Just wanted to say "Thank You" to all the loyal readers and visitors of this blog and to all my hardcore music blogger friends and buddies out there who share the same passion. You all know who you are guys!! This is for the MUSIC GEEK in all of us. Thanks for the support and encouragement. Hope to make it to #2.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation :)

Lazarillo Mochilero said...

Felicitaciones !!!!

the beatmeister said...

thanks anonymous!! :)

the beatmeister said...

thanks much daniel!! :)

trish said...

hii there! i googled for claire marlo's remix of "til they take my heart away" and it linked me to your blog of myslowretromix_the beatmeister.mp3! i noticed it said magi 89.9 and that's where my uncle in the philippines used to work, his dj jock name was cadillac jack. anyways... i have been going crazy trying to download the link from zSHARE and it isn't letting me. do you have this CD out anywhere, because i am willing to buy it!!! if any way i am able to download it else where please let me know because these songs are so nostalgic to hear... these are the songs my parents always listened to.


the beatmeister said...

hi trish!!

first of all, thanks for droppin by! it's really a pleasure esp to have fellow Pinoys visit. just checked the link and it is still working and you can still download it without costing you anything. :D i think the problem might be with your computer's firewall or your ISP's firewall. you may want to check on it. try to check on that and let me know if you still can't access it and will try to upload it on another site.


PS: BTW, it's nice to know that your cadillac jack's niece. yup, i remember him from Magic 89.9 back in the day!. :D