Monday, June 16, 2008

OPM Set - UltraElektroMagneticMix - Spazzkid vs. The Eraserheads

First, would like to welcome Spazzkid as one of our permanent resident DJs here alongside me and DJ MoProd to deliver those outstanding mixes, mash-ups and remixes from all music genres. Superb Pinoy talent indeed!!

Am quite very excited with today's mix as it was recorded from a live set performed by Spazzkid at Saguijo in Makati City, Philippines last June 14th. Too bad I wasn't able to catch it. Luckily, he posted it back at his multiply site, so that us mortals would be able to listen to his amazing mix and mash of one of the most influential bands in OPM history, The Eraserheads.

A brief backgrounder on The Eraserheads... Formed by Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala, and Marcus Adoro, they were a prominent local band in the 90s and can be considered as one of the most successful and critically acclaimed in the history of OPM. They also paved the way for other alternative bands during that decade and have released singles, albums and EPs that have all reached number one.

I'm sure all Pinoy E-heads fans out there would definitely enjoy Spazzkid's set (including me, hehe).

1) Kailan
2) Slomo
3) Alapaap - nice remix man!!; my fave E-heads tune.
4) Superproxy - really loved that Breakbeat touch!!

After enjoying Spazz's mix, I've decided to call the band "Elektroheads" for the meantime, hehe. :)


Blog, Pipi at Bingi said...

Very nice article! Kita kits sa concert! In case hindi mo pa alam:

the beatmeister said...

thanks man! :) wow, ayos after so many years, they're back. hehe.