Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mixtape For Beatmeister - DJ Mix by Eggboy

Here's another surpise mix set from another multi-talented Pinoy, who I think can do anything he wishes as long as it's related to music. Meet Eggboy a.k.a. Diego Mapa. He plays in several bands including Pedicab (i believe he's the lead singer), Monsterbot, Cambio and Dayuhan. He even has a home recording stint, which he incidentally calls "Eggboy" since '98.

He relates that he got into recording when his brother gave him a 4-track recorder and eventually later graduated to digital recording.

He tells me that he spins for fun and also likes to listen to a little bit of everything, which he obviously infuses into each set that he does. Having first listened to an earlier mixtape, which he did for a local radio station posted on his multiply site, instantly caught my ears coz' of his eclectic taste and very unique style in mixing. Obviously, as much as I love retro, I also balance my listening habits by exposing myself to new music and his mixes surely satisfies this craving of mine.

So for today's mix, which he made especially for my blog (thanks again man!), expect the unexpected as you'll be hearing different styles and genres, especially very new stuff and a lot of his fave tracks, which he loved to overplay during his sets, especially Phoenix and United States of Electronica. He also has a bit of Kaskade, just for some purists out there.

A very unique playlist, if my say, as he included some of my faves like The Chemical Brothers, Cut Chemist, UNKLE, LCD Soundsystem and Sergio Mendez (very eclectic indeed), all in one set.

Also before I forget, you may want to visit his multiply site @ for more info about the man and his music.

1) Dirt – Death in Vegas
2) Storm – Cut Chemist feat. Edan & Mr. Lif
3) Oh my god – Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen
4) Tell me – Sergio Mendez
5) Beat connection – LCD Soundsystem

6) Climb the walls – United States of Electronica
7) Star guitar – Chemical Brothers (shinichi osawa mix) - very interesting remix; must hear
8) Miserable Girl – Soulwax
9) Dramaqueen – Switches (dead kids mix)
10) Sudden rush – Erland Oye (the twelves remix)
11) If I ever feel better – Phoenix

12) 4am – Kaskade
13) Run into flowers – M83 (Unkle remix)

Once again, big ups for sharing your talent bro and more superb mixes please. :D

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